my sixth borough

We live in New York's Sixth Borough -- Jersey City. Just on the other side of the Hudson. We'll show you around...

Starting with our brownstone reno madness. We call it whimsical. The estate sale would call it "as is."

It's one hundred and thirty two years old, in major disrepair and only 13 feet wide. We will do 70% of the renovations ourselves. The other 30% will divvy up between experts, patience and luck. Oh, and we're surrounded by 44 dead birds.



My Reno Madness - So what happens when you rip up the horrible floors on the second level? You cut them down to fit into the trash and then you have a nest. 

My Reno Madness - The Mirabelle tub is in! We created a frame and then set a mortar bed for it to rest in. Second floor bathroom is one step closer. 

My Reno Madness - This is just a reminder that it could still be that cold outside!

My Reno Madness - How many batts of insulation can our Subaru carry?

My Reno Madness - People! We have a ceiling. We haven’t had a ceiling here for 10 months! 

My Reno Madness - Hmmm, paint color to compliment this? Was thinking a sand or a light grey with a blue tone. 

My Reno Madness - Reining MVP of the house for the last couple weeks. Meet our drywall hoist from Harbour Freight. Otherwise, it would probably look like some torture test from the Biggest Loser show. 

My Reno Madness - Having the Orkin man in front of your house is pretty much putting a sign on your door saying… “Hey, we have bugs!” to the all the neighbors. The sideway glances, the inquiries are pretty hilarious. But like my grandmother would say about termites… it ain’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. And after replacing 15 structural beams b/c of termites… you call the Orkin man to make sure they don’t come back. 

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